"I can be whoever I want to be when I write; but most of all, I want to be the character that changes the hearts and minds of not only the people in my books, but those who read them." — R.L. Byrd


R.L. Byrd was born in the coastal town of Brunswick, Georgia, in a time where America and the South was growing and evolving. His early upbringing there, would shape his world not only as a person, but as a writer.

His passion for writing was delayed by a similar passion for Architecture which he pursued by obtaining a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Oklahoma in 1992.

After many years of carrying stories, characters and images in his mind, R. L. found them revisiting him on a more frequent basis as the years rolled by; and beginning in 2007, it wasn’t a day that went by that the pull to write didn’t lure him back to the pen and paper. Looking for Sweet Love was his debut novel, followed by the sequel Black Coffee. He is currently working on his third novel, The Art of Scandal (a story inspired by true events) and various other projects.


Writing is my therapy (so to speak); my calm to the storm of a world I live within. It's my escape . . . my voice . . . my piece of earth where I can live the lives I wouldn't dare live (or be able to live) in this skin—living life, vicariously, through my work. 



I write in a "real" and "raw" kind of way—unrestrained—the way you would talk to your best male friend or best female friend in private conversations. My storylines not only reflect this, but draw its realism from the language.



LIFE. Simple as that. I guess that's why my branding point is: "Writing enlightening stories about the trials and tribulations faced during one's journey through life".


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