LIFE inspires me to write. I'm always writing enlightening stories of the trials and tribulations faced during one's journey through life.


Sweet Love

What happens when six friends (in hopes of finding love) decide to air their dirty laundry on the radio for six months? Come follow Jessie and her circle of friends as they live through, and talk about, their lives, loves, and relationship problems on K103.5's late-night radio talk show, The Love Forum.

Black Coffee

The sequel to Looking for Sweet Love!!! With the help of a psychiatrist (and a dead woman), the boyfriends, husbands and lovers of the women in Looking for Sweet Love tell their version of the relationship woes, affairs, and love triangles on the radio as well; and their version is a helluva lot different from the ladies.


Inspired by true events, workplace friends of 20+ years (one, a vindictive narcissist) turn into bitter enemies and plot to destroy each other after one is betrayed. Pitted against each other—female against male—the two stop at nothing to seek their revenge on the other; destroying everyone and everything in their path to do so.


What happens when a couple with legal issues (trying to successfully keep their business afloat) hires an unscrupulous lawyer from a powerful, Washington, D.C. family who takes them down a dark and sinister path of money laundering, espionage, and other illegal (and amoral) activities? Meet Tennessee and Mike Williams.

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  • Why Sing the National Anthem When We’re Still Chanting October 20, 2016
    “I Am a Man” . . . “Fight the Power” . . . “No Justice, No Peace” . . . “I Have a Dream” . . . “We Shall Overcome” . . . “Can’t We All Just Get Along” . . . “I am Trayvon” . . . “I Can’t Breathe” . . . “Hands […]
    Author R.L. Byrd
  • Overcoming Racism When Working While Black March 14, 2016
    When I read the article, “Working While Black: From Engineer, to Executive, David Price Fought Racism and Won,” it reminded me of a recent Boys2Men visit, when at the end of my visit—briefcase in hand feet pointed towards the door—a young man entered the Executive Director’s office (quite emotional) shouting that he had just quit […]
    Author R.L. Byrd
  • Remembering Lynn; reflecting on one of my life's biggest regrets. June 16, 2015
    It’s amazing how we meet some people in our lives, move on (loosing contact), and never know how much their life’s journey has, or will impact our lives someday; and in turn, they’ll never know how much their lives have inspired ours. ". . . unbearably warm is what it was." One of those uncomfortable, […]
    Author R.L. Byrd

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Project H.U.S.H.

Homicide, Unemployment, Suicide, HIV/AIDS and other disparities facing men of color.

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